Email Archiving Service

Developed by a Broker-Dealer for Broker-Dealers!

Fully SEC and FINRA compliant email archiving service at a fraction of the cost you’re paying now.

We provide email archiving in accordance with SEC Rule 17a-4(f)(2)(ii) by:

A. Preserving the records exclusively in a non-rewriteable, non-erasable format;

B. Verifies automatically the quality and accuracy of the storage media recording process;

C. Serializes the original and, if applicable, duplicate units of storage media, and time-date for the required period of retention the information placed on such electronic storage media; and

D. Has the capacity to readily download indexes and records preserved on the electronic storage media to any medium acceptable under paragraph (f) of SEC Rule 17a-4 as required by the Commission or the self- regulatory organizations of which the Company is a member